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Parents love our all-inclusive infant program!


We provide lots of snuggles and smiles throughout the day as well as an active classroom. The best part is that we've created an environment that grows with your child. From bouncers and swings to push toys and tables, children are always busy and well cared for in our classrooms.   

Additionally, we have planned curriculum that allow our infants to begin the exploration and learning process at a very early age.  Reading, music and movement, and painting with our hands and feet start as early as 6 weeks old. Our program grows as they do, we slowly add in things like sensory, manipulatives, and art projects as they get older. 

A home-school connection is important to us, so we've created a daily report that tells us a little bit about your child prior to coming in the morning and will tell you all about his/her day at our center when you pick-up. We personalize these sheets to include information on when and what your child ate, how they napped, and what they enjoyed that day.    

Infant 3.png
Infant 1.png

Our infant program includes:

       Nurturing & Loving Environment (lots of snuggles here!)

       Music & Movement

       Art Projects




       Art Portfolio

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