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From our tiny infants to our school-bound preschoolers, parents will enjoy each child's portfolio at the end of the school year!  Throughout the year our infants and toddlers will work on an art book, which is a collection of different art mediums the child produced during their days at Imagination Station.  Additionally, our toddlers will have a shape and color book, which represents their learning throughout the year.  It's a great piece to add to your child's home library!  

Our preschoolers will take home a letter writing book, number book, and themed art journal at the end of the school year. These three pieces are worked on weekly by your child and their classroom teacher.  Our letter writing book helps children review the letter of the week by identifying what it looks like and then practicing directionality and how it's written.  Our number books assist the children in learning their numbers, along with recognizing and applying mathematics to numbers and pictures.  Finally, we have the themed art journals, they are a great tool used to review what your child learned throughout the week and reinforce the theme.        


Our program was designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our parents; while providing a fun learning environment for the children!

Our curriculum, designed for children ages six-weeks and up, allows children to learn through play.  Our activities vary from day to day, but there's always something new and exciting to learn in the classroom. Our curriculum is designed with age appropriate goals in mind to help stimulate cognitive development, oral language, and physical development in children.  

​Our center is filled with toys, books, games, musical instruments, art supplies, and sensory tables, which give children the tools needed to reach these goals. Additionally, we work cooperatively in small and large groups throughout the day to promote social interaction as well as team work.  We do this by setting small, common, and obtainable goals for the group (building a tower together or making a paper chain). 

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If our curriculum's not enough, how about a daily report to keep you informed?  It's just another way we work with our parents to communicate the little things that happened throughout the day.  As parents ourselves, we appreciate knowing what our child had for lunch, how long they slept, what they did, and any other little notes the teacher feels is helpful, so we've added that to our program too!  

​We also have parent-teacher meetings during the school year to keep our families informed on social and academic progress.  Visit one of our centers today to hear more about our program!    

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