Kelly Kronbeck

Greetings!  My name is Kelly Kronbeck and I am the founder of Imagination Station! I appreciate your interest in our program and taking the time to explore the many options for your family! 


From the beginning my mission was to create a high-quality and educationally based program that was safe and professional for our families.  I wanted to do this at an affordable rate, so quality care was accessible to all!  Over the years our program has grown immensely and we’ve developed a great rapport in the communities we’re represented in!  I encourage you to ask your friends, families, and neighbors about “IS” and you’ll hear their testimonials first hand.   


To help you understand how I got started, I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Media/Communications from Medaille College.  After graduating I worked for Six Flags in the Marketing Department for a number of years.  Working in a family focused industry I soon realized I missed working with children and went back to school for my Master’s in Education.  After teaching second grade in Glens Falls, NY I moved back home with my husband and one-year old son, but wasn’t able to obtain a teaching position as it was during a major lay-off period.  I soon started working with a local child care provider and discovered my love for early-childhood education.  As my interest, passion, and love for the field grew, I soon understood the importance of early education and having quality child care centers available in all communities. 


Living in Alden, I realized the shortage in my own community, which prompted me to open my own center.  My goal was to provide everything that was important to me as a parent and director, to our families.  To say it nicely, my very particular personality coupled with my passion and strong work ethic led me to success with my first center.  About 10 months later, I challenged myself with opening a second location, which was in Le Roy, NY.  When our second center proved to be a success, my husband, Erik, started getting involved and little by little we grew the company together.  Fast forward to today, we have six locations between Buffalo and Rochester, which I am actively involved in each day!  I enjoy providing leadership to our six directors and working as a team to meet and exceed “my”, now our, mission every day!      

Suzy Blackmore
Admin Staff

Suzy, who is one of our administrative staff members, was raised in Alden, but recently bought a new home in Pembroke with her family.  She’s been with the company for four years and has adapted and maintained many roles within the company.  She describes her work as “meaningful and gives me a great sense of pride to be a part of the community at Imagination Station”.  She is a mother of two little girls, who are her pride and joy, and attend the center as well!  She loves being able to bring them to work with her and watch them flourish in our program. 

Alyssa Schreiber Mullen
Alden Director

Our Alden Center Director, Alyssa Schreiber-Mullen, grew up in Java Lake, NY and then went on to study Mild/Moderate Educational Needs K-12 and Music Education.  She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Education from Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio. During her time in Ohio, Alyssa taught Special Education for several years, maintained a studio of 50 private violin and piano students and then went on to build and run a Kindermusik program which received the “Top Program” award four years in a row. Since returning to NY with her husband, she continues to keep music alive in her life by performing for weddings, private events and more!

Jessie Steffenilla
Batavia East Director

Our Batavia East Center Director, Jessie Steffenilla, grew up in Le Roy, NY and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Inclusive Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Health Education.  She is certified to teach both General and Special Education and has five years of teaching experience.  She worked in various grade levels in an elementary setting prior to joining our team in 2015.    She began her journey with Imagination Station as a lead teacher and a year later she accepted the Director position at our Le Roy Center.  In 2020 Jessie moved sites and now runs our largest center in Batavia at our East location!

Jennifer Warner
Batavia West Director

Our Batavia West Director, Jennifer Warner, grew up in Indian Falls, NY and now resides in Batavia with her husband and five children.  Jennifer, who has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Studies/Childcare Administration, has a diverse background of experience.  She served honorably in the United State Air Force as a medical service specialist at Wilford Hall Medical Center.  She worked in sales and managed daily operations at Target while overseeing a team of people.  She also has experience working in both public and private child care and volunteers at her church each week in a preschool classroom. 

Leslie Weber
Elma Director

Our Elma Center Director, Leslie Weber, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Childhood Special Education.  She has eight years teaching experience in both elementary education and teaching children with special needs.  She also acquired talents from working at FedEx Trade Networks for seven years in the marketing and IT department before starting her journey with Imagination Station. 

Aileen Wells
Lancaster Director

Our Lancaster Director, Aileen Wells, grew up in the small town of Oswego with a large family.  She came to Buffalo to pursue her college education and studied psychology and early childhood education.  She found passion for the early childhood field, combining her love for education and enjoying all the creative outlets the field allows her.  She loves that her job allows her to make a positive impact on families in our area every day.  Aileen lives in Lancaster with her family and enjoys backpacking, summer days by the water, and pizza nights around the table.

Emilie Steffenilla
LeRoy Director

Emilie, born and raised in Le Roy, has worked with the company for four years in numerous capacities.  She started as an assistant teacher, worked her way up to lead toddler teacher, and is now providing leadership to her team while serving as interim director and working on her degree.  Emilie has a six year old daughter who she loves spending all of her free time with!