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Preschool children just love choices, so we've made sure we have plenty to choose from! We offer toys, activities, manipulatives, puzzles, open art, technology time and much more!  Additionally, we have activities planned for the entire day as well as music and movement, themed art projects, sensory bins, and outdoor time (weather permitting). Some of our highlights include:

  •     Circle Time 

  •     Themed Curriculum

  •     Handwriting Without Tears

  •     Technology Time

  •     Music & Movement


Our program is designed to grow with our students.  So, when children transition from the toddler room to the preschool room you'll notice:

  • Each child has their own cubby, labeled with their name.  This aids in teaching our students name recognition from the moment they come into the classroom.

  • Center based classroom designed to encourage cooperative play and socialization.

  • Dramatic play area designed to encourage creative play, which is an important part of development.

  • Sensory area designed to aid in developing fine motor skills and develop creativity.

  • Manipulatives to work on fine motor skills; lacing, snapping, stacking, etc.

  • Balance beams, dancing ribbons, bean bags, and much more work on the development of gross motor skills.

  • Additionally, we have larger tables and chairs to support our growing students!

Daily Schedule

  8:00 - Breakast (Ready when you are!)

  9:15 - Circle Time 

  9:45 - Theme Related Art Activity/Centers 

10:15 - Handwriting Without Tears Activity

10:45 - Outdoor Play Time

11:30 - Music & Movement 

12:00 - Lunch

12:30 - Reading & Nap Time

  2:30 - Wake & Stretch

  2:45 - Snack

  3:05 - Outdoor Play Time

  3:45 - Happy Hour (Large & Small Group Activity Time)

  4:45 - Open Play/Center Time​

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