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School-Age Care

As schools begin to announce their reopening plans for the fall, we’re anticipating most implementing a hybrid model.  This is where students would attend a couple days a week, then learn remotely the other days.  In an effort to help our working families with the many challenges they’ll be facing with the new schedule, we have redesigned our SA program to ensure our students are provided a routine based program that will foster learning and growth while being absent from their typical learning environment. 



We’re now enrolling into our NEWLY designed school-age program that will begin September 8th and run for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Each school-age classroom will have a full-time, bachelor degreed teacher who will run the classroom similar to that of at an elementary school.  An instructional day which includes “brain break” activities, literacy, homework time, art, and movement time will provide learning and growth opportunities for our students.   



Once your child is signed up, we will have a questionnaire for you to complete.  This will help our teachers better understand your expectations, your child’s learning schedule for school, and any special needs that may be pertinent.                      

Parents will need to supply all papers, worksheets, and assignments from their child’s teacher, as well as any equipment needed (i.e. tablet, computer, calculator, ruler, etc.).  Additionally, each student will need one crayon box which should contain all supplies needed (pencils, erasers, crayons, etc.)  This will help us limit the spread of germs through shared supplies.

Imagination Station will provide Wi-Fi for students who need to attend online classes or watch learning videos while their child is in our care.  



Our program is open 6a-6pm and your tuition includes a full day as outlined in our policies.  The cost of our program will be $45 per day or $205 for the entire week.  Tuition assistance is accepted at all sites.    


We will continue to offer before and after-school care!  However, all current school age families must contact their center to lock in their care for the fall.   Programs are available on a first come, first served basis.  Sign up begins today, so don’t delay as we anticipate a full program!

School-Age   Schedule

8:00-8:30am Breakfast


9:00 Morning Meeting

(sharing and overview of the day)


Instruction Time:

60 minutes per day

(students will be broken into two groups, we will provide reteaching opportunities, homework and worksheet help, assistance getting online for virtual classes or zoom lessons)


11:45am Read Aloud

(Teacher will read aloud to students for 15 minutes daily. This will strengthen their listening skills, comprehension, fluency and much more!)


12pm Lunch

(provided by the center)


12:30 Silent Reading Time

(15 minutes of silent reading.  If your child is not able to read picture books are available)  


12:45pm Outdoor Time


1:30pm  Art & Sensory Activity


2:00pm Movement Activity

(similar to gym, games & activities)


2:15pm Centers/Open Play

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