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Toddler children just love our program because we're just as busy as they are!  We have activities planned for the entire day as well as music and movement, art projects, sensory, and outdoor time (weather permitting).  Some of our highlights include:

    ~ Circle Time

    ~ Planned Curriculum

    ~ Music & Movement

    ~ Shape & Color Book

    ~ Art Portfolio

Our program is designed to grow with our students.  So, when children transition from the infant room to the toddler room you'll notice:

  • Center based classroom to encourage side by side play, socialization, pretend play, and much more!

  • Our tables are larger and chairs are a bit higher, which allow us to work on independence.

  • We offer regular, small sized cups for your child to drink out of.  Spills are okay, it's all part of the learning process!

  • Cots are used for napping.  This helps prepare them in the transistion from crib to "big boy/girl bed" at home.

Toddler 4.png

Daily Schedule

  8:00 - Breakast (Ready when you are!)

  9:15 - Circle Time

10:00 - Theme Related Art Activity & Centers

10:30 - Outdoor Play Time

11:15 - Music & Movement

11:30 - Open Play

12:00 - Lunch

12:30 - Reading & Nap Time

  2:30 - Wake & Stretch

  2:45 - Snack

  3:15 - Outdoor Play 

  3:45 - Happy Hour (fun, structured activities)

  4:45 - Open Play, Themed Centers

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